Pan Tadeusz Museum
of the Ossoliński National Institute

  • 18 exhibition rooms
  • several hundred objects
  • over a hundred applications and multimedia presentations
  • children and parents friendly
  • accessible to people with disabilities

Permanent exhibitions

The Manuscript of “Pan Tadeusz”

The Manuscript of “Pan Tadeusz” introduces us into Adam Mickiewicz's poetic vision of the early 19th century Polish gentry, on the fascinating background of Polish and European Romanticism and the tumultuous history of Europe in those times. We take out guests on a journey during which they will learn about key inspirations, the history of writing the poem, the world depicted in Mickiewicz's epic and its reception. We also present the manuscript of „Pan Tadeusz” – the most precious object in Ossolineum's collection and one of the most valuable treasures of Polish culture.

Mission: Poland
Jan nowak jeziorański & Władysław bartoszewski

Mission: Poland is an exhibition about the Romantic idea of freedom transferred into the context of World War II and post-war era. Using the examples of Jan Nowak-Jeziorański and Władysław Bartoszewski's biographies, we present the story of a generation which grew up in a country free after 123 years of partitions, but in 1939, they had to face the necessity to fight for independence and later – for sovereignty of Poland in modern Europe. Both witnesses of history have donated to Ossolineum priceless collections of documents about their lives, events which they participated in, as well as artworks and archives.