Popiół i Diament art-house cinema

In January 2019 Pan Tadeusz Museum opened a new, independent cinema. Popiół i Diament (Ashes and Diamonds, a name inspired by one of Andrzej Wajda’s films) is a hall for almost 50 guests where we present original film cycles and organize discussions.

Popiół i Diament art-house cinema is located in a beautiful tenement house Under The Golden Sun (Rynek 6), in a renovated, modernly designed projection room on -1 level. In new, comfortable cinema chairs we can host 46 people, who have already watched a number of films, including the cycle In an old cinema – the films of Independent Poland, an accompanying event of the temporary exhibition Resurrection – Our Right.

Screenings, with a short introduction prepared by museum employees, have become very popular not only among usual visitors of the Pan Tadeusz Museum, but also among Wroclaw cinema-lovers who gathered to watch Antek Policmajster or Dodek na froncie (Police Chief Antek, Dodek at the War, both dir. by Michał Waszyński).

We currently present films by the Różewicz brothers – Tadeusz and Stanisław (among others: Trzy kobiety/Three Women, Miejsce na ziemi/A Place on Earth, Świadectwo urodzenia/Birth Certificate, Głos z tamtego świata/A Voice From Another World, Samotność we dwoje/Lonely Together).

[Screenings in Polish only, no subtitles, tickets available HERE]