Art workshops

The Pan Tadeusz Museum is a place of interactive meetings with culture, open to everyone. We prepared an diverse programme of classes for students of primary schools (from the 1st class onwards), gymnasiums and high schools. Drawing from the richness of the world described in Pan Tadeusz, we tell the participants about Polish customs and traditions, as well as about contemporary history of Poland.

Utilising the potential of this unique place located in the heart of Wrocław, we create an educational programme for everyone, also for non-Polish guests. We offer selected lessons and workshops in English

Proposed types of classes

  • museum lessons (60 min): the classes take place in a selected room at the exhibition and in the workshop space
  • art workshops (75–90 min): art classes in the workshop space, preceded by a short tour of a selected part of the exhibition.

The classes take place Tuesday to Sunday, 8.30 a.m.–5 p.m. (first lesson 8.30 a.m, last lesson 3.30 p.m.)


Education department
phone: 71 75 50 652

Groups of 16–30 participants are divided into two smaller subgroups, and two separate educators hold parallel classes. Due to the necessity of division, the presence two guardians is required – both suring the museum lessons as well as during the workshops.