Guided tour

Tours are available for individual visitors, organised groups and informal groups.

The guide will present the permanent exhibition at the Pan Tadeusz Museum and introduce the visitors to the key themes of the exhibition narrative. During the tour, visitors will get to know the most important and the most interesting objects, multimedia applications and games.

The tour will begin from The Pan Tadeusz Manuscript section – the rooms dedicated to European Romanticism and the context of Pan Tadeusz. Later, the visitors will learn about the author's life, the reception of Pan Tadeusz in various eras and the influence of the book on modern approach to tradition and cultural identity. Afterwards, the guide will present the second section of the exhibition – Mission: Poland, where the lives of the Witnesses of History – Władysław Bartoszewski and Jan Nowak-Jeziorański – have been presented. Their life stories belong to the collective history of a generation which grew up in Poland liberated after 123 years of occupation, but in 1939, they had to fight for the country's independence again.

The themes of the guided tour can be adjusted to the requirements of the visitors. It is also possible to visit only one of the sections of the exhibition.

  • the guided tour lasts 90 minutes
  • 100 zł + ticket price for each visitor
  • guided tour in Polish or English
  • for groups up to 15 people
  • in every 15 tickets, the ticket for the group guardian is free of charge

The guided tours can be booked online or at the Museum desk, at least 24 hours in advance.

More information:
tel. 71 75 50 651