Additional safety rules
for the Pan Tadeusz Museum
during the epidemic

1. All persons entering the Pan Tadeusz Museum undertake to:

  • keep a distance of at least two meters from other people;
  • cover their nose and mouth with a mask;
  • disinfect their hands;
  • enter only publicly available areas;
  • not to exceed the maximum number of visitors specified for the individual areas;
  • follow all instructions given by the museum staff.

2. It has been determined that no more than 15 people can be in the temporary exhibition room on the first floor of the museum at the same time.

3. It is not possible to store luggage or clothes in the museum; with permission of the museum staff, the public can enter the exhibition in their jackets and carry small backpacks or bags.

4. The stairs from the courtyard to the underground storey and all enclosed passages and corridors are not accessible to the public.

5. The exact date of your visit to the temporary exhibition can be booked online (e-mail: or by phone (71 755 06 40).