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Dialogue #2
Laura Amann & Post Brothers

  • 17th November, 6 p.m. (Tuesday)
  • Event will be held online on Facebook Muzeum Pana Tadeusza in two languages: English and Polish
On Tuesday 17th November at 6 p.m., the Pan Tadeusz Museum invites you for a presentation by Laura Amann, the second event in a series of dialogues with Post Brothers.
Ida Szigethy, “Equation with two bathtubs”, 1971, Courtesy Lucie Drdova Gallery, Prague Photographers: Ondřej Polák
photo: KISS: Thomas Geiger, Festival of Minimal Actions: Jiří Kovanda, Kissing through glass, Foto: Kunsthalle Wien, 2020

The second dialogue features Laura Amann, a curator, architect, and writer living and working in Vienna. In this event, Amann will consider the changing conditions of public and private space – or to put it more simply how and where we can be socially and culturally intimate – at a time when the pandemic, border regimes, inequality, migration, injustice, and states of economic and ecological insecurity are demanding new ways of being and thinking together.

In recent exhibitions, Amann has examined acts of joy, intimacy, desire, sensuality and care as producing spaces for disobedience and survival. She often operates at the overlaps of art and architecture, mediating between distinct publics, collaborators, and contexts, and generating exchanges between so-called peripheries and centres.

In dialogue with Post Brothers, Amann will reflect on the different scales of institutions in which she is working, and address the ethics and practice of how things are done and organised, as much as the projects themselves. Amann will also share some ongoing work addressing the failures and mutations of architecture today and responding to charged social, political, and temporal contexts.

Curatorial assistance: Ewa Tatar

Laura Amann

Born in 1986 in Vienna. Is a curator and architect based in Vienna. Currently she is part of the curatorial team at Kunsthalle Wien, Vienna, she is teaching at the Technical University in Vienna as well as advising and researching in a number of architectural commissions. In collaboration with Jen Kratochvil she runs ‘Significant Other’, a project space and curatorial platform concerned with art and architecture as well as institutional cross-pollination, especially between Vienna and Prague. She has co-edited ‘Architectural Notes’, a project taking stock of today’s world and its unhealthy manifestations in the built environment. Generally in her practice she deploys designing, curating and writing as a means to explore the politics of intimacy, support structures and their relations and expressions in space while figuring out ‘how to be a sad eco-feminist without being annoying’.

Post Brothers

Born in 1984 in Los Angeles. Is a critical enterprise that includes Matthew Post, an enthusiast, word processor, and curator often engaged in artist-centered projects and collaborations, or occupying the secondary information surrounding cultural production. Post completed his BFA at the Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design in Vancouver, Canada (2006), and an MA in Curatorial Practices at California College of Arts in San Francisco, California (2009). From 2016 through 2019, Post Brothers was the curator at Kunstverein München in Munich, Germany, and has curated exhibitions and presented projects across the world. His essays and articles have been published in numerous magazines and journals, as well as in a litany of artist publications and exhibition catalogues. Post Brothers also regularly participates in exhibitions with text-based and performative contributions, and lectures and teaches seminars throughout Europe. He lives in Kolonia Koplany, a small village in Eastern Poland.

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