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“Interpretations” literary review is the catalogue of the Literary Traditions Festival, which had its two editions in the Pan Tadeusz Museum of the Ossolinski National Institute. It is also the first issue of the museum magazine.

We wanted to start with defining the principles – that is why, in the first part of the issue, we ask about the meaning, functions and postulated shape of the literary masterpieces canon, and about the importance of romanticism. Second theme is the work of Tadeusz Różewicz, analysed in the context of Adam Mickiewicz’s tradition, as well as other traditions and languages, both literal, and those of theatre, art and photography. Tadeusz Różewicz, together with Adam Mickiewicz, was the patron of the first edition of the Literary Traditions Festival and two temporary exhibitions organized in the Pan Tadeusz Museum. Różewicz’s archives in now being worked out on in the Ossolineum, but at the same time it forms a basis for artistic interpretations in different media. All those activities will now be coordinated by the Tadeusz Różewicz Study Room – a department of the Pan Tadeusz Museum.



No. 1

editor-in-chief: Marcin Hamkało

assistant editor: Maria Marszałek

proofreading: Anna Gądek

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