#musekids – International Visegrad Conference

  • 27–29 September 2018

Visegrad conference for museum workers organized by the Pan Tadeusz Museum of the Ossolinski National Institute offers a possibility to exchange experiences and inspirations from the work with unobvious guests of a museum/art gallery – toddlers age up to three and their parents.

While planning a family weekend, many parents face dilemmas – they are concerned that their kids may get bored at a museum, that they could accidentally damage something or disturb other visitors. They wonder if babies are even allowed at art galleries and museums, or if there's a space to feed them and change nappies, or simply – how one can prepare for such a visit. The goal of the #muzealniaki/ #musekids action, initiated by the Pan Tadeusz Museum, is to prove that a visit to a museum or an art gallery can be an exciting adventure for children and parents. A cultural institution often turns out to be a place which positively effects a perception and development of kids. However it still isn’t – for both the staff, who prepare the institutions’ offer, and parents – an obvious place for this purpose.

According to organisers, this campaign has potential to move up from a local level to a nationwide and even an international one. A foundation for this might be the international conference for which guests from Poland and the V4 countries (Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary) have been invited. The goal of the meeting is a joint analysis of cultural offers available for parents and children in each country and a debate how, in this context, to remove barriers and mutual distrust, which occur at both sides – in visitors and museum employees.



  • Thursday, 27th September 2018
    Pan Tadeusz Museum, Rynek 6

10 a.m. | conference opening

10.30 a.m.–2 p.m. | Session I | The perspective of a child's development

10.30 a.m. | Experts panel discussion, hosted by dr Monika Bronowicka

10.30 a.m. | Influence of museums on children and their parents (family) – Alena Belková, Kežmark Museum

10.50 a.m. | Museum – friend of kindergartens – how can kindergarten teachers use the museum? – Hajnal Kassai, Ministry of Human Resources, Hungary

11.10 a.m. | A small child at a museum and his/her development – Joanna Gala, pedagogue, Small Explorers Cultural Kindergarten

11.30 a.m. | Only for adults? Museums and exhibitions not intended for children – Tomasz Michaldo, Memorial and Museum Auschwitz-Birkenau Former German Nazi Concentration and Extermination Camp

11.50 a.m.| discussion

12.00 | coffee break

12.30 | Museums and art galleries as institutions supporting a child development and shaping its ties with parents – submitted papers, hosted by Monika Nowak

12.30 a.m.| What do kids and their parents really need in museum? – Ivana Kocichová, National Museum, Prague

12.40 a.m.| The Museum in Kežmark and its offer for children and parents – Barbora Thomayouvá Kežmark Museum

12.50 a.m.| Sensual stir or how to interest children in modern art, Agata Iżykowska-Uszczyk, Four Domes Pavilion, National Museum in Wroclaw

1.00 p.m.| discussion

1.20 p.m.| Loose or organised? – Zofia Zaccaria, Anna Zajda, Royal Łazienki Museum, Warsaw

1.30 p.m.| Military Museum. What sets the boundaries of the space “forbidden” for children? – Tatiana Baczyńska, Navy Museum in Gdynia

1.40 p.m.| "The art of looking, the art of showing" – about difficulties, blocks and undoubtful advantages of introducing kids at the age of 0–2 into the world of contemporary art – Barbara Przerwa, National Museum in Wrocław

1.50 p.m | Sensory craze or children and parents in cultural institutions – Dorota Piwowarczyk, Anna Pikuła, Center for Cultural Tourism TRAKT

2.00 p.m.| discussion

2.20 p.m. | lunch

3 p.m.6 p.m | Session II | The marketing perspective

3 p.m. | Museum – parents. How to promote the offer for children? – panel discussion with participation of Magdalena Kostyszyn (Venila Kostis blog, be frank PR agency), Sylwia Gorzak, (Wroclaw Puppet Theatre), dr Monika Hajdas (Wroclaw University of Economics), Marta Lipczyńska-Gil (Hokus-Pokus Publishing House), Łukasz Dębski (Festival of Literature for Children), hosted by dr Marcin Hamkało

4.30 p.m. | coffee break

5 p.m. | Museum offer as a “product” for small children? On effective promotion of a cultural institution – submitted papers, hosted by Alicja Kliber

5 p.m. | #musekids – is a museum a good place for infants? – dr Monika Bronowicka, Pan Tadeusz Museum at the Ossoliński National Institute

5 10 p.m. | Promoting the #muzealniaki action as a social campaign directed at parents – Agnieszka Śrutwa, Pan Tadeusz Museum of the Ossoliński National Institute

5.20 p.m| Family, parent and child as recipients of museum’s marketing communication – dr Joanna Macalik, Wroclaw University of Economics

5.30 p.m. | Smart offer. Smart communication – cases of an efficient interaction of cultural institutions’ staff with guardians of children up to the age of three – Anna Tuderek, scholarship holder of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage

5.40 p.m. | discussion

6 p.m. | banquet

  • Friday, 28th September 2018
    Pan Tadeusz Museum, Rynek 6

9.00 a.m. | The #musekids social campaign – organisational meeting about developing the action

10-2 p.m. | Session III | The parent’s perspective

10 a.m. | Experts discussion panel with participation of parents, hosted by Aldona Mikucka

10 a.m. | “Scared to death” and “don’t look at that”. Constraints in experiencing and barriers of adults – Krzysztof Dobrowolski, WRO Art Centre

10.20 a.m. | First visit to a museum. When and where? – Agnieszka Wańczyk, Jakub Wańczyk, edki blog

10.40 a.m.| How kids save the world. Universal planning for cultural institutions – Katarzyna Roj, Dizajn BWA Wrocław Gallery

11.00 a.m.| #muzealniaki action from the parent’s point of view – Klaudia Derebecka, Sis&kids

11.20 a.m. | Panel discussion with participation of parents

12.00 | coffee break

12.30 p.m. | Parents at a museum – submitted papers, hosted by Maria Marszałek

12.30 p.m. | Museum novices – with the eye of an educator – Katarzyna Maziarz, National Museum in Cracow

12.40 p.m. | Museum novices – with the eye of a parent – Maria Masternak, National Museum in Cracow

12.50 p.m.| | Parents with children at the Depot History Centre. Attractions, facilitations, innovations – Ewa Woźniak-Wawrzyniak, Depot History Centre

1.00 p.m.| Museum for youngsters – to play, to support, to build ties – Karolina Jusińska, Museum of Warsaw

1.10 p.m. | How to make space friendly for children at a museum – a case of King Matt's Family Education Area at the Museum POLIN – Anna Czerwińska, Museum of the History of Polish Jews POLIN

1.20 p.m.| discussion

1.30 p.m. | lunch break

2.30–6.30 p.m.| Session IV | The museum’s perspective

2.30 p.m. | Are museums for the youngest children? – discussion panel with participation of Ewa Solarz (curator of the exhibition for children “I see all as art” in Zachęta National Gallery of Art), Magdalena Kreis (WRO Art Centre), Piotr Górajec (Museum of King Jan III’s Palace at Wilanów, Forum of Museum Educators), Radomir Komsta (Visitor services department, Pan Tadeusz Museum of the Ossoliński National Institute), Tadeusz Kołacz (founder of the Museum of Carriages Galowice) hosted by Magdalena Musiał

4.00 p.m.| coffee break

4.30 p.m.| Museum programs for the youngest children in the context of university training of museum educators, dr Petra Šobáňová, Palacký University Olomouc

5.00 p.m.| Museums for children up to the age of three – submitted papers, hosted by dr Grzegorz Polak

5.00 p.m.| Kids in the palace – common ground – Anna Kádár, Petőfi Literary Museum, Budapest

5.10 p.m.| Museum of Play and children up to the age of three at the Museum of Play – Michal Babík, Regional Museum and Gallery in Jičíně

5.20 p.m.| A three year-old at a museum – with the eye of a gallery assistant – Magdalena Felis, Archeological Museum in Poznań

5.30 p.m.| discussion

5.50 p.m.| Museum attractions for children – a review of solutions from Poland and Europe – Barbara Banasik, dr Maria Szymańska-Ilnata, Asia and Pacific Museum

6.00 p.m.| Sunday at a museum – the ins and out of exhibits – Dorota Raczkowska, Museum of the Town of Malbork

6.10 p.m.| ”Picnic with a kiddie”, the youngest at a museum – Monika Czernik-Czublun, Silesian Museum in Katowice

6.20 p.m.| How the children entered the Ossolineum – Aldona Mikucka, Pan Tadeusz Museum at the Ossoliński National Institute

6.30 p.m. | What youth is used to.... or what to do to make museum fun – Edyta Leszczyńska, Mariola Słocka, Maria Wasilewska, Discovery Centre of Centennial Hall

5.50 p.m. | Using movement development for the prevention of the learning difficulties in museums area – Aranyi Fruzsina, Deri Museum

6.00 p.m | A visit to the Rogalin Palace – Danuta Horoszko, the Rogalin Palace, branch of the National Museum in Poznań

6.10 p.m. | discussion

  • Saturday, 29th September 2018, 10.00 a.m.–2.30 p.m.
    Events for parents with participation of museum staff

10.00 a.m. | A toddler in a refectory – activities with elements of sensory art for the youngest children
Ossolinski National Institute, Szewska 37

Welcome to the former monastery refectory which today is one of the most glamorous halls at the Ossolineum. Here, in the refectory, you can admire paintings from the monastery times. During the workshop parents will learn more about this unusual place and kids will be able to get dirty, playing a role of young frescoes painters.

10.00 a.m. | Swaying and mincing – family walk along secret trails of the Centennial Hall
Discovery Centre of Centennial Hall, Wystawowa 1

Centennial Hall has got an unusual history and plenty of secret corners. We invite you to discover them along a special trail, prepared particularly for the youngest: carried, in prams or mincing by their mum’s or dad’s side, holding their hands. The walk contains elements dedicated to the youngest recipients, who will be able to visit Centennial Hall in their own way.

11.00 a.m. | Pan Tadeusz without a bottom age limit – interactive encounter with Pan Tadeusz
Rynek, in front of the entry to the Pan Tadeusz Museum

A museum threshold might be a barrier (not only physical) for parents with small babies. During the event we will attract interest of people walking along Wrocław Market Square towards Under the Golden House Tenement. We will read parts of Pan Tadeusz, look at illustrations of this national poem drawn throughout centuries and we will check if this book is suitable to read “from the cradle”.

11.30 a.m. | A toddler at a museum – activities for infants in museum space

Pan Tadeusz Museum, Rynek 6

A toddler among magnificent objects of art, a kid crawling along museum floor or just sleeping near beautiful paintings. A toddler in a museum includes activities which enable parents and their children experience culture together.

12.00 | Creative mums, creative grandmas! – activities for parents and guardians during which children spend time in the museum playground
Post and Telecommunication Museum, Zygmunta Krasińskiego 1

Do you like broidering, crocheting or making eco gadgets? Would you like to spend time creatively with your child? We invite you to unique intergenerational workshops, conducted by creative senior women. We will sew, paint and make artistic compositions – decoupage. While we will be working, kids will spend a happy time in the museum playground.

12.00 | Baby sling-meeting – practical activities on carrying babies at a museum Depot History Centre,
Depot History Centre, ul. Grabiszyńska 184

A meeting for future and present parents, informal talks on how to safely carry babies in wraps and soft carrycots, advisor’s tips and demonstration on how to tie a baby wrap.

12 a.m. | Baby Art Walk! and Art Transparent Foundation – an encounter with art for parents and children
Museum of Contemporary Wroclaw, Plac Strzegomski 2a
A TIFF festival exhibition – curator’s guided tour

BAW! Baby Art Walks are joint walks and visits to the Wroclaw institutions of culture, galleries, museums and meetings with artists or curatorial guided tours through current exhibitions. Art Transparent Foundation invites all parents to encounters with art, joint exhibition touring, discussions on current problems or just to enjoy coffee time and share parental experiences.

12.30 p.m. | Cyan-walk – family walk around the city: from WRO Art Center to the Cyanmeter installation
WRO Art Center, Widok 7

Are you prone to blue sky thinking? Then you have to take part in a family walk during which we will trace bluesnesses en route from WRO Art Center to the Cyanmeter – the installation in Wrocław public space, inspired by the 18th-century instrument measuring shades of the sky. We will learn some interesting stories about the blue shade as well as how this city installation works.

11.00 a.m. | Museum stir – the art of touch – activities for parents and children Four Domes Pavilion. Modern Art Museum. Branch of the National Museum in Wroclaw,
Wystawowa 1

Movement and dance support intimacy of parents and their children, they help to admire the works together. The inspiration for searching for gesture and for building relations in movement will be sculptures, their form, size and material. Dancing in surroundings of museum halls of modern art is a real “museum stir”.

Projekt: „#muzealniaki/musekids: Visegrad Conference. Museum not only for adults!” jest finansowany ze srodków Funduszu Wyszehradzkiego. ”#muzealniaki/musekids: Visegrad Conference. Museum not only for adults!” project is financed by the Visegrad Fund.

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