Throught the #muzealniaki action, Pan Tadeusz Museum proves that it’s never too early to interact with culture, and that a visit to the museum or an art gallery can be attractive for parents with even very young kids. Let’s make museums fashionable together!

While planning a family weekend, many parents face dilemmas – they’re concerned that their kids may get bored at a museum, that they could accidentally damage something or disturb other visitors. They wonder if babies are even allowed at art galleries and museums, or if there’s space for feeding them and changing nappies, or simply – how can one prepare for a trip like this. The goal of the #muzealniaki action, initiated by the Pan Tadeusz Museum, is to prove that a visit to a museum or an art gallery can be an exciting adventure for children and parents.

Pan Tadeusz Museum and other institutions are becoming increasingly open to diverse groups of guests – even the youngest ones. Exhibition projects include audiovisual and multimedia elements, which makes them more accessible for younger audience. Discovering history – especially from the perspective of a child, curious about the world, driven by imagination and not yet limited by the school pressure – can be fascinating for parents too. A baby can become a great companion during sightseeing, while older kids, encouraged to explore culture, can gain a lot from a museum visit. The #muzealniaki action is designed to have a positive social impact as well.

Our partners who joined us in the #muzealniaki actions are kids-friendly museums and galleries from all around Lower Silesia region. On our list, you can find many places worth visiting on a family trip. MPK Wrocław – the public transport provider – also declared its help in facilitating access to kids-friendly culture venues.

How to join us?

  •  Simply visit a museum or an art gallery with your child. Show other parents that you had fun, encourage your friends to join the challenge.
  •  Take a photo with your child in a museum or an art gallery.
  •  Add the photo to your Facebook or Instagram profile and add the #muzealniaki tak.
  •  Tag the venue the picture was taken at, for example #muzeumpanatadeusza.
  •  You can find special #muzealniaki stickers in places which support our action.


#muzealniaki prove that museums and galleries are suitable for children of all ages
#muzealniaki encourage parents and their children to explore art and culture
#muzealniaki means kids of all ages – babies, preschoolers and schoolkids too
#muzealniaki make museums fashionable!


Pan Tadeusz Museum
Ossoliński National Institute


Fundacja Fundacja Art Transparent
BAW! Baby Art Walk
BWA Wrocław – Contemporary Art Galleries
WRO Art Center
Zajezdnia History Center
National Museum in Wrocław
Ethnographic Museum in Wrocław
The Panorama of Racławice
The Four Domes Pavillion in Wrocław
Museum of Architecture in Wrocław
Museum of Post and Telecommunication in Wrocław
Contemporary Museum Wrocław
Karkonosze Museum in Jelenia Góra
Museum of Papermaking in Duszniki Zdrój
Coach Museum Galowice
Museum of Industry and Railways in Silesia in Jaworzyna Śląska
Copper Museum in Legnica
The Old Mine – Art and Science Center in Wałbrzych

MPK Wrocław


Blog Edek i My
Blog Dolny Śląsk dla Uli
Blog Podróże z Mamą i Tatą
Radio Wrocław
Radio Ram
Radio Wrocław Kultura




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#musekids  Museum not only for adults! International Visegrad Conference

  • 2729 September 2018

In September 2018 an international conference entitled #musekids. Museum not only for adults is held at the Pan Tadeusz Museum. It is the effect of the project financed by the Visegrad Fund.

The Visegrad conference for museum staff organized by the Pan Tadeusz Museum of the Ossolinski National Institute is to offer a possibility to exchange experiences and inspirations from the work with unobvious guests of a museum/art gallery – babies age up to three and their parents.

Many parents, while looking for weekend amusements for their children, face a dilemma: will their kids become bored at a museum? Or might they – by accident – do damage to museum pieces or disturb visits of other guests? Is it really possible to make a visit to a museum/art gallery with a toddler? Will kiddos benefit from visiting cultural institutions? Is a museum/art gallery equipped with a place for changing the youngsters? And at last: is it necessary to get ready for a visit there? The goal of the social campaign #musekids, which is initiated by The Pan Tadeusz Museum in Wroclaw, is to prove that a visit to a museum/art gallery might be an interesting adventure for parents and their children. A cultural institution often turns out to be a place which positively effects a perception and development of kids, however museums/art galleries are not perceived in this way by both museum staff and parents.

The Pan Tadeusz Museum, initiating the social campaign #muzealniaki, wants to show that it is never too early for an interaction with culture and a visit to a museum/ art gallery might also be interesting for parents with the youngsters.

The #muzealniaki campaign has been joined by partners – museums and art galleries from Lower Silesia which declare a friendly attitude towards small children. There are several, local institutions which are worth visiting with kids. According to organisers, this campaign has got a potential to get from a local level to a nationalwide and even international one. A foundation for this might be the international conference for which guests from Poland and the V4 countries (Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary) have been invited. The goal of the meeting is a joint analysis of cultural offers available for the kids and their children in each country and a debate how in this context to remove barriers and mutual distrust, which are in heads of both sides: a visitor and a museum worker.

Conference program will be announced soon!

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Regionální muzeum a galerie v Jičíně,
Múzeum v Kežmarku,
Petőfi Irodalmi Múzeum


#muzealniaki/musekids: Visegrad Conference. Museum not only for adults!” project is financed by the Visegrad Fund.