Poland see more – half-price weekend


Action Poland see more - half price weekend is a nationwide promotional campaign, thanks to which everyone can discover the beauty of our country at favorable prices. We encourage you to make yourself familiar with the offer of Pan Tadeusz Museum!

As part of the Poland see more - half price weekend offer we encourage you to visit the permanent exhibitions: "Pan Tadeusz" Manuscript and Mission: Poland.

The permanent exhibition of Pan Tadeusz Museum consists of two parts. The first of them, The Manuscript of "Pan Tadeusz" tells about the creation and reception of an extraordinary book - perhaps the last, whose fragments are known by heart to almost all Poles. The only existing manuscript of Mickiewicz's masterpiece surrounded by several hundred authentic copies, old prints, graphics, paintings, sculptures and everyday objects, illustrated and commented on by over one hundred applications and multimedia presentations - is an invitation to talk about Polish culture and the history of the struggle for an independent homeland.

The second part of the permanent exhibition, Mission: Poland, is an exhibition about the romantic idea of freedom transferred to the realities of World War II and post-war times. On the example of the biographies of Jan Nowak-Jeziorański and Władysław Bartoszewski, it presents the fate of a generation that grew up in free homeland after 123 years of partitions, but in 1939 they faced the necessity of fighting for independence and then for Poland's sovereign presence in modern Europe. Both witnesses of history gave the Ossolineum priceless collections documenting their fate, events in which they participated, as well as collections of works of art and archives. As part of the promotion from March 20-22, 2020 for half price you can visit the museum individually and take advantage of guided tours.


Friday–Sunday, March 20–22 2020
  • individual standard ticket: 10 PLN (regular price: 20 PLN) 
  • individual reduced ticket: 5 PLN (regular price: 10 PLN)
    Reduced prices are available to school youth below 26 years of age (on showing a school/student ID), pensioners and annuitants (on showing a proper document), persons with disabilities (on showing a proper document)
  • family ticket: 10 PLN (regular price: 20 PLN)
    tickets issued for groups of 2-6 persons, including at least one person above 18 years of age and at least one person below 18 years of age
  • guided tours: 50 PLN (Polish/English) + ticket (regular price: 100 PLN)
    24-hour notice before reservation of a guided tour necessary; maximum size of a group – 15 persons

Above are the prices before and after the discount. Ticket sales will start on February 27 at museum ticket offices and online.