Integrative performance as part of “Mickiewicz. Transmission” project


  • online premiere:
    12 December 2020, 5.00 p.m.
Pan Tadeusz Museum is working on a project entitled “Mickiewicz. Transmission”, as part of which on 12 December 2020 the launch of the online performance of “Zosia” directed by Marta Streker and of the “Ptaki nocne” radio drama directed by Marzena Sadocha will take place.

The performance is inspired by the character of Zosia, who is present in both Mickiewicz’s “Dziady” and “Pan Tadeusz”. The authors pose the question of what today's Zosia – a teenager on the verge of adulthood – could be like. The whole performance will be translated into Polish sign language.


From the director

Marta Streker

“ZOSIA is a poetic story about three teenage dreamers who don't feel at home in their everyday reality and dream of a better tomorrow. The first wants to run away from her aunt and plant her dream garden; the second wants to save the city, which is suddenly starting to get overgrown with weeds; the third wants to free her voice and meet with other people face to face again.

Inspired by the literary romanticist characters of Zosias portrayed by Adam Mickiewicz in “Pan Tadeusz” and “Dziady”, the video etudes tell the story of heroines suspended between worlds. The creators ask themselves whether sticking to dreams of a better reality, despite the impossibility of their realisation, serves only a self-destructive function or can it be a trigger of internal transformation and a source of hope”.

Marta Streker


  • text: Ewa Mikuła
  • director: Marta Streker
  • performers: Anna Andrzejewska, Wiktoria Czubaszek, Dominika Kozłowska
  • Polish sign language translator: Iza Wielgus
  • costumes: Julia Kosmynka
  • music: Maciej Zakrzewski
  • camera operator: Piotr Bartos

Financed by the Minister of Culture and National Heritage under the Culture Promotion Fund.

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