Our Painter Orłowski. Aleksander Orłowski’s drawings from the Ossolineum collections

  • 14 September–27 October 2019
  • free entry

“Orłowski, who lost his life in Saint Petersburg, a renowned painter (I have a few of his sketches in my desk)” – Mickiewicz uses the character of Telimena to recall Orłowski in his Pan Tadeusz. “Orłowski, grab your pencil still, quickly paint night and war you will!” – Alexander Pushkin calls on him in his poem.

Aleksander Orłowski (1777–1832) was remarkably popular during his lifetime, while today he is almost completely forgotten. Painter, draughtsman and graphic artist, he was above all a perceptive observer, capturing the reality which surrounded him using quick sketches and satyrical drawings.

This exhibition features almost 60 drawings and is a chance to see the world as it was two centuries ago, while also being an opportunity to view a part of the Ossolineum Collections which is rarely made available to the general public.

curator: Aldona Mikucka

production: Adriana Myśliwiec


All the additional events are staged in Polish.


This exhibition has been staged with financial support from the Center for Polish-Russian Dialogue and Understanding.