Between science and politics: Professor Stanisław Kulczyńki (1895–1975)
From the collections of the Ossoliński National Institute 

board exhibition

  • 15.05.2018–15.07.2018
  • Ossolińska Gallery
  • free admission

Stanisław Kulczyński is awarded the title of Honorary Citizen of Wrocław in 2018. He was a prominent botanist and one of the greatest experts on peat. Before the Second World War he was assigned as a professor and rector of Jan Kazimierz University in Lviv. In the postwar era he won the respect as a organiser and the first rector of the University of Wrocław and Wrocław University of Science and Technology. He was also involved in postwar politics. Since 1983 his archive has been kept in the Ossolinski National Institute in Wrocław.

text: Grzegorz Polak

Photo. Delivering a speech at the Hungarian parliament. Photo: Ossolinski National Institute