Detached conditions

temporary exhibition

7 May–22 August 2021

"Detached conditions" is an artistic and educational project, whose central part is a temporary exhibition by Artistic Punks–a Polish-Ukrainian team of photographers, Julia and Fred Abramov. The exhibition tries to capture the mental state of someone going through a psychological crisis, and it will be displayed at the Pan Tadeusz Museum from 7 May to 22 August 2021.

The exhibition presents photographs and videos, which involve experiences of a mental health crisis along with feelings of distress, anxiety, sadness, anger, loneliness, a sense of chaos as well as being disconnected and misunderstood by one’s surroundings. "Detached conditions" can be discussed from medical, psychological and literary points of view. Julia and Fred Abramov use photography and film, employing props, light, colours and movement of the camera. They manage to capture models’ symbolic gestures and facial expressions showing either emotion or emptiness. The photographers regain control over the crisis by putting it on stage. The viewers can identify with the protagonists of the exhibition. It is complemented by Marek Jeżyna’s soundtrack, which comprises music inspired by bipolar disorder and personal stories of people who have experienced mental crisis.The artists took upon themselves an ambitious task of making the viewer get into the head of someone going through tough times. In order to do that, they make use of both the theatrical infrastructure of the Pan Tadeusz Museum and the "Dreamcatcher" installation by Małgorzata Duras. The exhibition also offers practical advice to people going through a crisis or to their friends and relatives on how to get support.


Julia Abramova–a member of the creative duo, Artistic Punks. She was born in Kazakhstan (Ust-Kamenogorsk) in 1987, but spent most of her life in southern Ukraine.

Fiodor Abramov–a member of the creative duo, Artistic Punks. He was born in Mongolia (Ulaanbaatar) in 1990, but spent most of his life in southern Ukraine.

The duo specialises in artistic and fashion photography. Their works have been published in "Opium RED magazine", "Gezno magazine", "Malvie magazine", "Moscow Tonight magazine", "Marika magazine".

"This project is a part of us because we have struggled with similar problems ourselves".



Piotr Sokół-Flak–currently an independent HR consultant and co-founder of the Nordvarg agency. He acquired basic knowledge in academic psychology at the Institute of Psychology, University of Wrocław, and in applied psychology at the Wszechnica UJ (the Jagiellonian University). Today he is exploring exercises for mindfulness and social wellbeing.


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