temporary exhibition

Illustrating Konopnicka

  • September 8–December 4, 2022
  • curators: Maria Marszałek, Teresa Sokół, Magdalena Sozańska
  • free admission

"Illustrating Konopnicka" exhibition is part of the 6th Literary Traditions Festival. The author of Oath is one of its patrons, together with Adam Asnyk and Tadeusz Gajcy. The festival’s mission is to remind about works by authors considered classics and – which often goes hand in hand – read mostly by reluctant students and Polish literature scholars.

Maria Konopnicka is best known as the author of patriotic poetry, interventional prose and literature for children. At the exhibition we present illustrated editions of her books from the end of the 19th century, the interwar period and the Polish People’s Republic.

The presentation shows the changes of trends and conventions in the book illustration field, as well as selected works of artists who had an original, discernible style – Jan Marcin Szancer, Bogdan Zieleniec, Maria Hiszpańska, Antoni Gawiński and Zofia Fijałkowska among others.

Partners of 6th Literary Traditions Festival

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