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  • opening: 29 September 2017, 6 PM


    free entry

The Pan Tadeusz Museum in Wrocław presents all preserved pages of the rough and final drafts of Adam Mickiewicz’s poem – for the first time.

The autograph of the epic, called „the Dzików manuscript”, is a treasure of the Ossolineum manuscript collection. As one of the most important monuments of Polish literature, it has entered the Polish List of the UNESCO Memory of the World register. Treated like a holy relic, it remained in a near-complete form, becoming a special gem in the Ossoliński National Institute’s collection. Apart from the „Dzików manuscript”, individual pages of the rough and final drafts were preserved – currently, they are kept at the Polish Library in Paris, Adam Mickiewicz Museum of Literature in Warsaw, National Museum in Kraków and in the Institute for Documentation and Study of the Pontificate of John Paul II in Rome.

18 preserved pages, together with the „Dzików manuscript” and the manuscript for Explanations, will be presented at the Pan Tadeusz Museum in a form of an exhibition „diffused” within the permanent exhibition. Other pages of the Pan Tadeusz manuscript will not only tell the story of the manuscript, but will also reopen a discussion about the poem’s role in Polish culture. „Wide horizons”, drawn in the poem, present a panorama of Polish society of the late 18th and early 19th century – says curator Małgorzata Orzeł. – The poet’s eye, directed into the future, reaches beyond the horizon line. The horizon is not clearly visible yet, but the spiritual power of poetry opens the future for generations of Poles, over and over again.

The exhibition will be accompanied by images created by illustrator and tattoo artist Anna Szejdewik (Coxie) and by an interactive space with special tasks for children and adults. It will give an opportunity to learn about the interpretation of Pan Tadeusz and about the creative process in a unusual way – our bard constantly modified and corrected the poem, which we’ll be able to follow, comparing the rough draft, final draft and eventually- the text we know from the school.

Additional programme includes many events, such as guided tour with the curator, family workshops, workshops with a graphologist and writing classes. The event is complemented by a publication telling the story of the manuscript pages, and a reprint of the final draft, with books I-III and the beginning of book IV of Pan Tadeusz.

Organizers: Pan Tadeusz Museum a department of the Ossoliński National Institute

curator: Małgorzata Orzeł

visuals: Anna Szejdewik / Coxie

in cooperation with: Historical and Literary Society / Polish Library in Paris, Adam Mickiewicz Museum of Literature in Warsaw, National Museum in Kraków, John Paul II Foundation – The Centre for Research and Documentation of the Pontificate in Rome

media patronage: TVP 3, Gazeta Wrocławska, Portal O.pl, Portal Czasdzieci.pl

coordination: Dobromiła Jankowska
event programme: Maria Marszałek
set design: Adriana Myśliwiec
set design – cooperation: Magdalena Kreis, Natalia Romaszkan
key visual: Wiktor Pawlik
key visual – cooperation: Iwona Matkowska, Weronika Przybylska

Programme of events

  • 29.09.2017 | 6 PM
    Exhibition opening
  • 30.09.2017 | 10 AM–4 PM
    Graphology workshops for adults and young adults – the Pan Tadeusz manuscript and beyond
    host: Magdalena Deuar
  • 30.09.2017 | 4 PM–6 PM
    You gain knowledge through your own effort. How to work cleverly? About perfectionism and workaholism
    A lecture from the Contemporary Romantics series
    host: Adriana Bernady
  • 1.10.2017 | 12.00
    Guided tour with the curator
    guide: Małgorzata Orzeł
  • 7.10.2017 | 12.00–2 PM
    workshops for families with children aged 5-12
    host: Magdalena Kreis, Natalia Romaszkan
  • 8.10.2017 | 10.00–4 PM
    Creative writing workshops for adults and young adults, inspired by the works of Adam Mickiewicz
    host: Daniel Odija
  • 22.10.2017 | 4 PM
    Creating the world with word. On Adam Mickiewicz’s Pan Tadeusz
    host: Krzysztof Rutkowski
  • 25.10.2017 | 4.30 PM
    Guided tour with the curator
    guide: Małgorzata Orzeł

All events are free. Lectures and workshops in Polish.

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Pan Tadeusz Museum a department of the Ossoliński National Institute

Under the Golden Sun Tenement
Rynek 6, 50-106 Wrocław, Poland

exihibition is open:
Tuesday — Sunday: 10 a.m. — 6 p.m.
Monday: closed

entry: free

The project is co-financed by The Ministry of Culture and National Heritage.