SENSO-letter. An educational exhibition for children

  • The exhibition will be presented from 6 July until 8 September at the Pan Tadeusz Museum at Level 0. It is accessible for baby prams and pushchairs and adjusted to the needs of children with disabilities. Entry is free of charge.
  • Under the Golden Sun Tenement
    Rynek 6, 50–106 Wrocław, Poland
    (Level 0)

The Pan Tadeusz Museum would like to invite you to the SENSO-litera exhibition, dedicated to children, parents and everybody who believes that letters are something more than merely signs on paper.

Nowadays, we focus on quick learning – we read books, textbooks, articles mainly in order to gain knowledge, develop skills, raise qualifications. We pass this approach on to children, who already in the earliest stages of education learn to write in order to convey strictly defined messages. We have lost the skill to enjoy letters, we ceased to treat them as works of art.

The SENSO-litera educational exhibition is a child-friendly space which allows for discovering letters in many ways, and through all senses. We will smell, touch, move, imagine letters, and do with them whatever comes to our minds. We’d like to invite entire families to join our creative workshops, during which we will discover possibilities – not only hidden in letters, but also in ourselves. We will present, listen, create, and even dance!

Our SENSO-litera exhibition is addressed mainly at children from early classes of the primary school, who are beginning their adventure with letters – but also at anyone who believes that letters are something more than merely signs on paper.

The exhibition is a part of the #muzealniaki campaign.

Financed from the funds of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage as a part of the Promotion of Culture Fund.

Partners: Muzealniaki, Mobilna Pracownia Montessori, Fundacja Promyk Słońca

Media partners: Ładne Bebe, Dzieciaki w Plecaki, Rodzic w mieście,, Edki blog, Radio Wrocław, Radio RAM, Radio Wrocław Kultura, Wrocław,

tłumaczenie/translation Olga Drenda