Temporary exhibition

Wandering around
the Sudetes

  • 29 April–18 September 2022
  • curators: Aldona Mikucka, Wojciech Gruk, Kinga Łaska
  • admission to the opening for invited guestes only
  • included in the price of the ticket for the permanent exhibitions since 29 April 2022

Opening: 28 April 2022

„Wandering around the Sudetes – works by Bogusz Zygmunt Stęczyński from Ossolineum’s collection” – exhibition in Pan Taduesz Museum.

Exhibition will introduce the figure of a little-known artist-wanderer of the Romanticism era and it will also raise the issue of the origins of Sudeten tourism and the timelessness of the longing for harmony of the world sought in contact with nature.

Graphic works and unique watercolors, drawings and manuscripts by Stęczyński will be presented, as well examples of Silesian graphics from the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries depicting the Sudeten views. A contemporary commentary to historical drawings and graphics will be provided by an exhibition of photographs by Cris Froese, a contemporary photographer from Lower Silesia.

The exhibition will feature nearly one hundred historical objects from the Ossolineum collection. These will be mainly drawings, watercolors and graphics from the Museum of the Lubomirski Princes, which will illustrate both the artistic activity of Bogusz Zygmunt Stęczyński and will intorduce the subject of discovering Sudetes by increasing number of mountain expedition enthusiasts in the nineteenth century. The library collection will present illustrated manuscripts of two Silesian poems written by Bogusz Zygmunt Stęczyński, as well as books and graphic albums and antique maps that will help to illustrate the range of his artistic wanderings.

About Bogusz Zygmunt Stęczyński

Bogusz Zygmunt Stęczyński (18141890) – an illustrator, lithographer and a writer, and above all, one of the first Polish heritage tourists who travelled thousands of kilometers driven by his passion for wandering and love for homeland. The aim of his artistic work was to capture the beauty of his homeland and make a record of historically important sites. In his drawings, watercolours and albums of imprints with descriptions in prose or verse, he paid homage to the romantic idea of his homeland by combining various forms of art. The region of Galicia became the main topic of his works. Around the middle of the 19th, he travelled to the region of Silesia to capture its beauty in image and word from.

About Cris Froese

Krzysztof Cris Froese (born 1980) – a photographer from Duszniki Zdrój, who creates art in the spirit of magical realism. Just like Bogusz, Zygmunt Stęczyński is very sensitive to the beauty of nature and captures the feeling of deep admiration in his atmospheric pictures of the Sudetes landscapes.

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