Pan Tadeusz Różewicz

Opening: 9 October 2021

The Pan Tadeusz Różewicz” exhibition is a tale about the life of one of the greatest Polish writers. The narrative is built with eleven dialogs between Tadeusz Różewicz and the world or between Różewiczs work and other people. The poet enjoys self-creation. He stresses some aspects of his biography while omitting other motifs. Although we can see some documents, photographs, private letters, and souvenirs in the exhibition, we should remain cautious: they are elements of the image created consistently by the poet. The ambiguity is emphasized by the title of the exhibition which, on the one hand, suggests a biographical approach, and, on the other hand, refers to a literary character. Despite the appearances of reality, Tadeusz Różewicz is only (or maybe this is quite a lot) a protagonist of his own and other peoples tales.


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Financed by the Ministry of Culture, National Heritage and Sport under the Culture Promotion Fund.


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