How I See It!
Post-workshop photo exhibition

The most recent exhibition in the Ossolineum Gallery of Pan Tadeusz Museum presents the effects of a workshop cycle devoted to pinhole photography, inspired by Jadwiga Nowak-Jeziorańska, the wife of a famous “Courier from Warsaw”. The participants were children and youth from the Lower Silesia.

From mid-July till the end of September 2017 educators from Pan Tadeusz Museum hosted 19 complimentary workshops for Lower Silesian groups who applied for the project. During the course participants took camera obcura photographs from the scratch: from putting the sensitized paper into a light-tight can, to developing pictures in a darkroom. 213 participants took part in the workshops, coming from a number of towns like Niechlów in the North, Kudowa Zdrój by the Czech border, or Domaniów near Wrocław. They took 393 photos!

The best photos will be presented at the temporary exhibition in the Ossolineum Gallery of Pan Tadeusz Museum, till the end of November. There is also a catalogue in which one photo of each participant has been published.

The project is subsidised by the National Centre for Culture under the programme “Kultura – Interwencje 2017”.