The Pan Tadeusz Museum

The Pan Tadeusz Museum of National Ossoliński Institute in Wroclaw (Poland) aims to explore how Adam Mickiewicz's epic poem continues to shape contemporary thinking about tradition and cultural identity in Poland, as well as how the Romantic era view of civic duty has influenced many generations of Poles.

The Museum's exhibition, learning and artistic programs are designed to enhance visitors' creative faculties and broaden their cultural experience, allowing them to learn a range of new skills and facts, stimulating talents, facilitating discussion and exploring the complex facets of Polish national legends. In trying to achieve these dynamic, proactive aims, the Museum already hosts a range of events covering themes of art, literature and history, always open to new ideas and aims.

The museum is easily accessible to people with disabilities, visitors of all ages and tourists from other countries (all presentations, films and interactive games are available in English and German).